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Osage Orange Ink Holder and Pen Rest

This beautiful piece is hand crafted from Osage Orange.  Native to South-central United States, its color ranges from golden to bright yellow to darker medium brown,  and will be a handsome addition to your creative space. It holds a large ink/paint container, tilted 17 degrees, and has a large recessed cut out to rest a dip or fountain pen. It is hand cut and sanded, and finished with a coating of satin varnish. This beautiful piece measures 3" wide, x 3 1/2" deep, and 1 3/4" high. The recess cut for your pen is 3/4" wide, (not included).A container with a screw top lid (included) holds .7 ounces which  is the perfect size to hold an ample supply of ink or paint for even the longest project. The ink container sits in a recessed hole, and is tilted about 17 degrees for easy access to your ink supply. Rounded corners complete the finishing detail.

Please expect variations in wood grain, each piece is hand-cut.

Osage Orange Ink Holder and Pen Rest

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