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All water pots are made from fine clay bodies and fired to a gloss shine that is easy to clean. They are made with a little extra weight on the bottom, to help prevent accidental tips on the work table.




This size measures approximately 2 wide x 2'' tall and holds about 2oz. water. It is a good size to use with dip pens, to keep a small amount of water nearby for periodic dipping and cleaning. A spout makes for easy pouring.


This size measures approximately 2 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" tall and holds about 3 oz. water. A good size for dip pens for periodic cleaning, or for small watercolor brushes. A spout makes pouring easy.


A popular size for pen and ink and watercolor. It measures around 3" and holds about 4-5 oz. of water. As well as using with dip pens, this size is also great for rinsing and cleaning watercolor brushes while painting. A spout helps in easy clean-up.


For watercolor artists who need to rinse their brushes more frequently, this size holds about 7-8 oz. of water and measures over 3" in height and width. It is weighted on the bottom and quite sturdy to help it stay stable on the work table.


inkholders 2.jpg

Our ink holders are designed to hold 3 popular styles of covered containers:

SCREW-TOP DINKY DIP- perfect size for dipping a nib, and the screw-top is easy to remove and stays tight when covered. 

CLEAR TOP DINKY DIP - with a screw top, this container is slightly larger, measuring 1" tall x 1" wide, and the lid is water tight.

BLACK SCREW-TOP - largest of the 3, measuring 1.25" tall x 1.5" wide. I've used this size for mixing gouache, when a supply is needed for a large project, especially when the color is custom mixed.



Our pen holders are made to accommodate most pen sizes, but we advise measuring the widest part of the holder to ensure it will ft. ​

SMALL - measures 1/4", classic holders with slim ends will fit without wiggling. 

MEDIUM - measures just slightly more, 5/16", good for slim handled pen holders and wedge and other paint brushes. Will have a slightly roomier fit than the small.

LARGE - measures 1/2" wide, and will hold fountain pens and most dipholders with decorative turned ends. 

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