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Single Dinky Dip Holder

These practical yet handsome dinky dip holders are hand cut and sanded from 5 different woods. Choose your favorite from the list below, the colors range from light straw to deep reddish brown. Each wood has unique grain markings.
These pieces measure  approximately 2" x2 x 1", and  include one  screw top 'dinky dip, which has a secure screw top and is the prefect size to dip a calligraphy pen nib or small paint brush (measures 14mm x 20mm high). 
They are all hand-crafted, and finished with a clear lacquer. They are the perfect size for holding sumi ink, walnut ink or gouache for calligraphy. Please allow for slight variations in grain and color, they are all unique!

Zebrawood - this wood is light brown to straw color with dark blackish brown streaks, resembling zebra stripes. it is native to West Africa.

Eastern Red Cedar - reddish or violet-brown, with possible yellow streaks and stripes, this wood has a characteristic aromatic scent.

Brazilian Walnut - beautiful hardwood native to Central and South America, this wood varies from reddish or olive brown to dark brown, and a straight grain texture.

Bloodwood - a warm, reddish brown, this durable hardwood is native to South America.

Black cherry - first cut this wood is a light pinkish brown, changing a bit to more yellow when exposed to light. It is native to Eastern North America.

Single Dinky Dip Holder

$7.00 Regular Price
$5.60Sale Price
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